Vipassanā Meditation Retreat in Sonsbeck Hamb, DE

Intensive Vipassana Meditation Retreat
Saturday 6 July to Saturday 20 July 2019

With Charles & Patricia Genoud & Yuka Nakamura
Pauenhof Centre , Sonsbeck Hamb , Germany. The main language will be English. The programme involves sitting and
walking meditation, meditation instructions, dhamma talks and group interviews. The centre is in easy reach of Weeze and Düsseldorf airports
and Düsseldorf train station.
For further information please
contact :

Charles Genoud is a student and practitioner of Buddhism since 1970. He haspracticed Vipassana meditation in Burma with Sayadaw Upandita, Sayadaw U Tejaniyaand Sayadaw U Indaka, in India with Goenkaji and in the US with Joseph Goldstein
and Sharon Salzberg. He also studied the Tibetan tradition with the Venerable Geshe Rabten and then with Dilgo Khyentse Rimpoche. He is teaching meditation since 1995. Charles is the author of various books, the last one in French is called
“Méditations bouddhistes: au-delà de l’inquiétude et de la quiétude” published in November 2017.

Patricia Genoud has been practicing Buddhist meditation since 1984 (Dzogchen and Vipassana) in Asia under the guidance of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Tulku Urgyen and in Burma with Sayadaw Upandita and U Lakkhana and more recently with
Sayadaw U Tejaniya and Sayadaw U Indaka. She has completed her teacher training at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, US, under the guidance of Joseph Goldstein and other senior teachers. She has been teaching Vipassana meditation since 1997 in Europe, Israel and the US. Patricia has also studied and trained in Insight Dialogue and the Relational Dharma with Gregory Kramer as well as in MBSR in Worcester, MA, US.

Yuka Nakamura,
PhD, has been practicing in several Buddhist traditions (Vipassana, Dzogchen and Zen) since 1993 and has practiced for long periods in the US (IMS, Spirit Rock), Burma and Japan. She was trained as a Dharmateacher by Fred von Allmen and has been teaching since 2014 in Europe and in the US. She is a trained psychologist and MBSR-teacher and -trainer.

Application and costs:
The costs of the retreat are € 685 for a single room, € 555 for a shared room (double, triple or dormitory) and € 485 for those sleeping in their own tent/caravan in the grounds.
If the costs present a possible obstacle for application, please consult the owner of the Centre, Michael Hellbach: +49 151 18802070 Please apply by completing the form (see below) and sending it to: Robbert Thijssen,, tel.: +31 24 3568341. You are kindly requested not to forget to mention your meditation experience.
Please transfer costs to:
IBAN: NL72TRIO 0338 4690 87
BIC: TRIONL2U at Stichting Inzicht Meditatie in Ezinge, Netherlands.

Please specify payment by adding: ‘Retreat Genouds, 06/07 – 20/07 2019’ and stating the name of the participant in the remarks section of the transfer. Applications will be accepted following the order of arrival of payments.

General conditions:

The conditions are detailed on the SIM website (in Dutch): Conditions for cancellation are also described, but in case of cancellation or other problems, please contact: Robbert Thijssen at or tel. +31 24

How to get there:
The address is: Pauenhof, Pauendyk 1, 47665, Sonsbeck-Hamb, Germany

By plane, via Weeze airport (Ryanair only) or Düsseldorf (all airlines). We will try to organise a pick-up service, but you may also want to reserve a taxi (at least one week) in advance at Mietwagenservice Nitschke Tel: * 49 283896745. Fee: € 66, which can be shared with 3 other participants or at A2E, Andreas Zeuner Flughafentransfer Tel: * 49
23239609488. Fee: € 96, which can be shared with 7-8 people. Alternatively, you can take a train.
Take the train from Düsseldorf Airport to Geldern (which is 10 km from Pauenhof). From there, take the bus to the village Sonsbeck Hamb, bus stop: ‘Hamb Pastorat’ on Hülsstrasse. We will try to organize a pick up service but walking to the
Centre isn’t far. Walk in the direction of Holländische Strasse and turn right at the end of the road. You will see the firestation (“Feuerwache”) on your right hand side on the main road. Turn left onto Hamber Dyck and after a 100 meters, turn right into Grüne Strasse until you reach “Pauendyk” after 1,2 km. Turn right and after 300 meters you
are at the Centre’s main entrance. Alternatively, you could take the train to Duisburg – Alpen (which is 11 km from
Pauenhof). From there take a taxi (tel: 02802 2386), which you might be able to share
(€12-15). Make sure to tell the taxi driver to go to the Pauenhof Meditation Centre art
Pauendyk near the village Sonsbeck Hamb in case he takes you to the Tractor museum
in Sonsbeck!

From Holland by car : Venlo is 30 km and Nijmegen is 70 km away from Pauenhof.
From Venlo take the road to Straelen, then Geldern. Go in the direction of Sonsbeck. In Kapellen, go right in the direction of Issum and turn left after 2 km onto Wertmannsweg. Turn left at the end of the road onto Pauendyk. From Nijmegen, take the A77, which continues as A57/E31 over the border, take exit Alpen, Issum. Turn right after 2,1 km onto Strohweg and drive carefully because of the wildlife. Turn left at signpost “Pauenhof” and after 1 km on Pauendyk, you will have reached your destination.
By train: From Nijmegen to Geldern, Xanten or Alpen. From Xanten take bus 36
(every hour), Bus stop: “Hamb Pastorat” at Sonsbeck Hamb.


Breakfast, lunch and light supper are vegetarian.

Vipassana meditation:
Vipassana or Insight meditation is a Buddhist practice as taught in, mainly, Southeast
Asia. The emphasis is on the development of mindfulness (awareness) and learning to
observe that what is happening in the here and now. This may lead to insights and to inner peace.
To support oneself and each other in the process of meditation, the retreat will be in silence.


Most Vipassana meditation retreats are organised on the basis of Dana (Generosity).
Since the time of the Buddha, the transmission of his teachings and the meditation
instructions are considered a deed of generosity. The costs of the retreat consist of basic
lodging fees and meals; the teachers receive only reimbursement for travel and
accommodation expenses. At the end of the retreat, the participants have the
opportunity to practice generosity; they are invited to give Dana (donation) to the


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